Our Story

Graze. by Plaza Deli started out way before it got it’s name and became a business. Graze is, and always will be, the true lovechild of it’s creator, Meri Bozinova.
Some people are simply born with the natural creativity, impulse, love of food and tendency to experiment and impress, which are some of the main ingredients for a business such as Graze.
Meri started creating Grazing Stations a long time ago, impressing family and friends at her own home for various family celebrations, birthdays, engagements… Her Grazing tables became the talking points of the parties, the natural gravitational point for all guests, and it became apparent a long time ago that this was a passion of Meri’s that she could totally share with the world, and enjoy it rather immensely. It didn’t take too long for Meri’s daughters to start to encourage her to look into the market for such a business.
Having a successfully running Delicatessen, Plaza Deli in Northcote Plaza, Meri was able to slowly build up an image that is uniquely hers; has been able to experiment, learn and play with flavors and ideas from all over the world. Plaza Deli is a very multicultural store, the products ranging to include items from numerous countries around the world; the staff adding to the atmosphere with their own diverse backgrounds and languages, of which Meri herself speaks seven. It is a family business not only because both of Meri’s daughters played a part in it’s beginnings by working in store, but also because the customer who walks into the store is also treated as such.
Graze is unique in that it was born through the love of a mother for her children. The first Grazing Stations ever made by Meri were in celebrations of her girls’ birthdays, more than 20 years ago, and continued as somewhat of a tradition every year since. Graze has been a long time in the making, there has been a lot of love poured into every creation, and the years of experience have simply put Graze above any competition. The personal touch and the dedication to detail are sure to continue to impress, seeing that Graze has flourished thanks to word of mouth by many happy customers. All this experience has only contributed to the uniqueness with which Meri is able to foresee and construct a Grazing Station or a Grazing Platter to suit any customer’s needs.